Gmail Announces Support for Embedded Styles and Media Queries


Have you heard the good news?

Gmail has long been a thorn in the side of email developers everywhere. This client’s lack of support for embedded CSS (in the <head> of an email) has been the main reason that all styles must be inlined before sending. This has led to the popularity of tools like our CSS Inliner and by extension to thousands of extra characters and untold code bloat, as well as increased complexity maintaining email code that’s already been inlined.

No longer! Gmail is about to make a major update to how their email client handles code. Read on to find out what changes will be made and how it might affect your emails.

What changes will be made?

Justin Khoo and I took a look at the changes Gmail listed and what they’re going to mean for email devs.

Gmail will support embedded styles

That’s right! Gmail previously only supported embedded styles in its webmail version. Because they stripped all classes and IDs, though, this support didn’t do a whole lot for email devs. We’ll get into more detail as you read, but for now you can just bask in the joy of email developers worldwide.

Gmail will support classes and IDs

This is huge. This means that we can stop using inline styles for every single thing in email. You can use a class instead, and a single update to that class in the head will affect every instance of that style. Like real web development.

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